Holidays In Greece

Alpha and Omega welcomes you to Greek Holidays! Come and visit Greece, it is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. What you get by visiting Greece is to enjoy the fabulous beaches and great marine life. You also get to see the sights that are very old, like hundreds of years old.


Did you know that more than ten million people visit Greece every year and why not? You get to see some of the best beaches in the world, spotless sands, centuries old structures and those white sugar like town to welcome you. The place is one of the top destinations in the world for a tourist.

Crete is the largest Island in Greece and if you wish to move around sandy beaches, beautiful country side and learn about the legends and myths of Greek, then come to Crete, the paradise on earth.

If you decide to visit Halkidiki, you are going to explore the mainland of Greece. You can learn more about the art and culture of the country altogether.

Goto Rhodes if you want to see the best sunshine of the country. Visit Crete if you want to see the Palace of Knossos. Visit Skopelos to see how a laid back town lives in itself. If you want to stay out of spotlight, you must visit Thassos.

Did you know that nearly half of the population in Crete works directly or indirectly in the tourism sector? This tourism business has a turn over of over a billion dollars which is huge. Every summer, Crete sees nearly 5 times it’s population number of guests who come to tour the Island. Now this is huge because an Island getting five times more number of people ought to change the geography of a place.

Tourism has always been the key business in Greece with nearly 20% of the GDP coming from just that sector alone. And it had to be like this considering the place is naturally so beautiful. The number of tourists to the country has been increasing year after year and the country is happy to accommodate more people because they are continuously investing into the infrastructure to do so. It has also been said that the country is in the top five places in the world where you can party hard.

I bet you did not know that there are nearly 6,000 islands in Greece, but only 227 of them have people living and the rest are all dormant. In this as we talked before, Crete is the largest Island and also the most populated. In fact the maximum number of tourists come and travel to Crete first before going to any where else. The smart guys have understood that Crete is not the place to go anymore due to it being over crowded and they move out to other places which are more quiet. Many such people are couples who have come to enjoy romance in the amazing beauty of Greece.